British Columbia Provincial Committee


Major Carrie Johnston -2011

Nominated for:  Certificate of Recognition 

Major Carrie Johnston, a former Air Cadet, has been involved with the Air Cadet Movement since 1980.  Her record, since being enrolled as a CIC Officer in 1990 is outstanding, in that, she has demonstrated exceptional instructor/supervisor skills in Range, Biathlon, Band, First Aid, Effective speaking, Survival Training, Drill Team, Instructing Skills, and Fitness activities and has been employed at Cadet Summer training Centres.  She is a two time Squadron Commanding Officer and is currently a serving Commanding officer of 848 Royal Roads Squadron.  

Major Johnston’s professionalism has always ensured the squadron staff was included in determining the direction of the squadron and has provided proper administration, clear communications, and a focus on the objectives of providing the cadets with a safe and fund learning environment.  She also works very well with the Squadron Sponsoring Committee.  She provides thorough input and advice while working to include the ideas and options from others.

 Major Johnston’s personal dedication is remarkable and to quote her Nominator “she gives her heart and soul to the Cadet Movement and is involved in multiple extracurricular activities and always puts the well-being of the cadets ahead of her personal considerations”.  The result of her hard work is a stronger, more enthusiastic and growing squadron, which has almost doubled in numbers under her leadership. 

 Major Johnston’s extraordinary dedication and commitment to her Squadron is recognized and acknowledged by this award. 



Captain Chris Bishop -2011

Nominated for:  Certificate of Recognition - 2011 

Captain Chris Bishop has been the Commanding Officer of 747 Squadron, Terrace for the past eight years and has been associated with the Squadron since 1986 when he was a cadet.  During his cadet years he was greatly influenced by the program and developed a keen interest in being involved.  Consequently he became a volunteer with 747 Squadron, participating and assisting with Squadron activities, often three nights a week for seven years.  

Captain Bishop enrolled in the CIC in 1997 and continued his work with the Squadron and was appointed the Squadron Commanding Officer and has served in that position for eight years. 

Captain Bishop has proudly represented himself as the Commanding Officer and is well respected throughout the community as being actively involved with youth within the Community, including his two children who have participated in the Cadet program with great success.  

Captain Bishop has also worked at the Albert Head Summer Training Centre and has used his experience to benefit the Cadets in his Squadron.  

Captain Bishop will be stepping down as Commanding Officer of 747 Squadron at the end of summer in order to allow other Squadron “Staff the opportunity to learn and serve as he has done.  He is a proud and outstanding individual who firmly believes in the Cadet Movement.  As a personal tribute to this highly dedicated individual, at least one of his civilian Squadron peers is hopeful that he will continue in some capacity within the Cadet Movement in the Province.  

Captain Bishop’s long standing demonstration and dedicated commitment to the Air Cadet Movement in British Columbia is recognized and acknowledged by this award.   

Captain Carol Daniels -2011

Nominated for: Certificate of Recognition 

Captain Carol Daniels is the Commanding Officer of 746 Squadron, Aldergrove.  She has worked tirelessly to make sure that the Squadron has suitable accommodation.  She was instrumental in securing temporary accommodation for the Squadron and persuading her employer in Langley to provide financial support as well.  

Captain Daniels is still working closely with the Squadron Sponsoring Committee to find a permanent facility large enough to accommodate the Squadron’s continuing growth.  She has worked very hard to earn her First Aid Instructor Qualification and is one of four Officers in the Province qualified to certify cadets for their first aid badge. She has demonstrated many times she is prepared to log extra hours to assist cadets to obtain their first aid badge.  She has used her knowledge to train her own Squadron Cadets as well as other Squadrons in the region.  She also serves as the Squadron’s first aid officer for various activities. 

Captain Daniels had set a high standard for herself in terms of serving her cadets, including diverting herself from a Squadron camp out to attend an Effective Speaking Competition to support her cadet in the competition.  Examples abound that bring this Officer to the attention of the Squadron SSC Members who are very proud of their Commanding Officer.    

Captain Daniels has been employed with the RCSU Pacific during the summer, working long hours over the summer to ensure that cadets get to and from summer training centres.  Consequently, she has earned a reputation of being a reliable Officer that can be counted on to consistently perform in an outstanding manner under stressful and demanding conditions.  

Captain Daniels’ extraordinary dedication and commitment to the cadets under her Command and to the cadet program is recognized and acknowledged by this award. 

Lieutenant-Colonel Tony Appels - 2011

Nominated for Certificate of Recognition 

In 2007 LCol Tony Appels was appointed as the Officer Commanding the Pacific Region gliding School and the position of Regional Cadet Air Operations Officer (Pacific Region).  He has an extensive background in aviation engineering and an impressive flight record as a flight instructor, tow pilot and glider pilot in the Air Cadet flying program for over 10 years.  He holds a commercial Pilots license, endorsed with a Multi Engine Rating, Group 1 Instrument Rating and a Class 1 Flight Instructor rating, as well as a glider Pilot License with a Glider Instructor Rating.  He has logged over 2400 flight hours. 

Since assuming his Command he has used his extensive flying knowledge of tow aircraft and gliders to become involved with the British Columbia Committee on every aspect of the Power and Glider Program, including advice on recruiting cadet candidates for flying scholarships and the development and implementation of a program to modernize the aircraft fleet over the long term.  

The Pacific Region Tow fleet Modernization Project is a resounding success mainly due to the extraordinary commitment of LCol Appels.  Given his previous experience as an aeronautical engineer in DND’s project management world, LCol Appels knew exactly what had to be done and, more importantly, how to properly format and present the British Columbia proposal to DND.  He worked tirelessly to research and write “The tow Aircraft Replacement Proposal” a 40 page, five annex analysis paper that essentially answered all of DND’s objections and queries about the proposal before they had even been posed.  As a direct result of LCol Appel’s exceptional effort and selfless support the Tow Aircraft Replacement Proposal was approved by DND and the L19 Fleet Replacement Program began in January 2011.  If it were not for this extraordinarily talented officer and his unwavering commitment and personal dedication the BC Committee would not be reporting on the success of the Cessna 182 Refurbishment Program and discussing the financial requirements for the purchase of a third C-182. 

LCol Appel’s outstanding commitment, extraordinary dedication and strong support for the British Columbia Committee’s strong desire to enhance its Flying Program over the long term is recognized and acknowledged by this award. 

Captain Alvin Lau - 2011

Nominated for:  Certificate of Recognition      

Captain Alvin Lau, a former Air Cadet, is a CIC Officer who has been with 759 Falcon Squadron since he was 12 years of age.  When he aged out he returned to the Squadron as a Civilian Instructor until he was enrolled in the CIC in 2006. 

His involvement with 759 Squadron has been exemplary.  He has held the Band Officer appointment, Assistant Training Officer, Unit Cadet Conflict Advisor position and is currently the Training Officer.  He has been employed at Cadet Summer Training Centres in numerous roles, including the Senior Leaders Course as an Instructor, Flight Commander, Administration Officer and Course 2 i/c Instructors as well as Officer-in Charge of the flag party.  As the current Training Officer for the Squadron, his experience and skills acquired at the Summer Training Centres has greatly benefitted his Squadron Cadets and enhanced the Squadron Training program.  

Captain Lau has taken on responsibilities beyond expectation.  He has the determination to follow through the tasks from inception to completion and, consequently, has earned a reputation for hard work, performed efficiently and effectively and is considered a very reliable, capable Officer.  He has put in numerous volunteer hours and frequently works late into evenings after regular cadet activities to make sure of the squadron runs smoothly.  He often steps up into more responsible roles when there is a shortfall of available Officers, which allows for more cadet activities.  Through his hard work with the Music Program, he has led the band team to win the Category A division of the military band competition for the last two years.  

Captain Lau’s strong commitment and extraordinary dedication to his Squadron is recognized and acknowledged by this award. 

Penny Doern -2011

Nominated for Certificate of Honour 2011 

 Penny Doern has a long history of being actively involved in the Air Cadet Movement, including serving many years as Okanagan Wing Chair and as a Director of the British Columbia Committee; two positions in which she currently serves.  Her temporary absence from the Okanagan Wing Chair position was cut short by a shortage of qualified volunteers so she was asked to, once again, assume her former duties in January 2011.  She agreed to once again take on this task with a view to ensuring that eight Okanagan Squadrons would be well serviced by the BC Committee.  In order to accomplish this she soon discovered that she would have to be the League Representative for five Squadrons until she could find sufficient volunteers to fill the League Representative positions.  

In order to provide the Squadrons with advice and personal assistance she was required to spend countless hours on the phone and computer and by visiting each Squadron at least once per training season.  In many cases she would visit the Squadron more often to assist with administrative or policy issues that she deemed were better handled by a hands on visit.  This necessitated enormous amounts of administration and travelling time, but all obligations were met with the best of her ability.  

For the past several years, Penny has been the in-situ coordinator and planner for the BCPC AGMs held in Kamloops.  Her skill at directly negotiating with the hotel and other agencies connected with the AGM setting led to her being asked to become involved with the planning for the National AGM to be held in British Columbia in 2016.  This has already consumed many hours of travel time to check out a suitable venue to hold the AGM and to prepare and submit the required information to the British Columbia Committee.  

Penny Doern’s extraordinary dedication and demonstrated commitment to the British Columbia Air Cadet program is recognized and acknowledged by this award. 

Ronald Rique - 2011

Nominated for Certificate of Honour 2011

 Ron Rique continues to provide outstanding services to the British Columbia Air Cadet Program.  His determination to see all Squadron Sponsoring Committees succeed to the benefit of their cadets has led him to develop and implement a training program that he has taken, with a hands on approach, directly to the Squadrons with much success.  He has travelled throughout the Province with his training package and message that has refocused the British Columbia Committee on the need to recruit League members. 

Mr. Rique continues to work with the RCSU to revise the current dispute Resolution process for Officers and to this end he is currently working on a Dispute resolution process to be used at the SSC level and within the SSC.  He has worked with the National Members Committee to assist with the development of brochures and training packages designed to provide online training information.  This work continues to the benefit of all British Columbia SSCs. 

 Mr. Rique readily volunteers to travel anywhere in the Province to bring and explain his training program, dispute resolution process, to mediate with the SSCs and to provide training seminars on how to operate a successful SSC.  He is constantly looking for ways to educate the SSC and League members in how to operate in compliance with the Squadron Sponsoring Committee’s Constitution and Bylaws and the Society Act. 

The outstanding and dedicated work consistently carried out by Mr. Rique is recognized and acknowledged by this award. 

Christine Welch - 2011

Nominated for Certificate of Merit – 2011

  Christine Welch initially became a parent volunteer with 754 Phoenix Squadron and in 2004 was appointed Vice-Chair of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC).  In 2005 she accepted the nomination of Chairperson, a position she served extremely well for two years and then stayed on an additional year as Director and the Squadron’s media Liaison. 

 In January 2008 Christine accepted the position of Wing Chair of the Fraser Valley Wing and in September of 2008 became the Wing Chair of the Metro Vancouver Wing.  

Captain Karen Graczyk - 2009

Captain Karen Graczyk became a CIC Officer in 1987 and has been a CIC Officer for 22 plus years. She has served all of that time with 257 Parallel Squadron located in Ladysmith. Air Cadets, it would seem has occupied a major portion of her life, given that she was a former Air Cadet who was a WO2 when she aged out.

During her CIC career as a CIC Officer she has very effectively performed the duties of Administration Officer, Training Officer and Supply Officer. Her extensive experience and knowledge of Squadron Operations led to her becoming the Commanding Officer of 257 Squadron, a position she has held for five year. Captain Graczyk is currently the Commanding Officer of the Squadron.

Captain Karen Graczyk's outstanding dedication and exemplary service to the BC Air Cadet Program is recognized and acknowledged by this award.

Don Watt - 2009

Don Watt has served the BC Air Cadet Program since 1985 as both a CIC Officer and on his retirement from the CIC, as a Civilian Instructor, senior advisor and League representative for the Kootenays. He held the position of Director and Vice-President Squadron Liaison with the BC Provincial Committee and is currently the Chair of Okanagan Wing. Don Watt is a highly dedicated, tireless worker on behalf of the BC Air Cadet Program.

Don Watt joined the BC Committee in 2003 as a League representative for Kootenay Squadrons for one year. He became the Chair of Kootenay Wing in 2004 and served in this position for two years. In 2006 he was appointed Director and Vice-President of Squadron Liaison with the BC Provincial Committee and served in this position until 2009, when he was appointed Okanagan Wing Chair looking after eight Squadrons.

Don Watt's exemplary service to the BC Air Cadet Program is recognized and acknowledged by this award.

Gail Marie Elgert - 2009

Gail Elgert became involved with the BC Air Cadet Program in 1976 and served in several capacities in the ensuing years, including being a volunteer, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Chair of a Squadron Sponsoring Committee. She has been a member of the BC Committee for several years and served as a Wing Chair and League Representative. Her work has been exemplary in all respects and she is highly valued member of the BC Provincial Committee.

Gail first became involved with the BC Air Cadet Program in 1976 when she became an Officer and was assigned to 819 skyhawks Squadron and served as the Administration Officer from 1977 to 1981. While she took some time off to marry and raise a family, she reassumed her service to the Air Cadet Program by becoming a volunteer on the Squadron Sponsoring Committee of 819 Skyhawks Squadron. Over the next five years Gail volunteered in a number of positions on the Squadron Sponsoring Committee, including Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Chair.

In 2003, Gail joined the BC Provincial Committee and served as assistant with the BC Effective Speaking Program and as League Representative to 907 White Rock Squadron.

In 2008 she became a Wing Chair and is currently serving in that position.

(provide me with the name of the Wing and confirm she is still the Wing Chair)

Gail Elgert's exemplary service to the BC Air Cadet Program is recognized and acknowledged by this award.

Gladys Jarvie - 2009

Gladys Jarvie has been a volunteer with the B.C. Air Cadet Program since 1992. She volunteered with 655 Richmond Squadron until 1993 to support her two daughters, who are both graduates of the Air Cadet Program. She has been actively involved in several aspects of Squadron Activity, including participating with the Cadet Friendship Tour to New Zealand in 1997 and the return tour by New Zealand Air Cadets to Canada in 1995 and 1999. Her long association and commitment to the Effective Speaking Program at both the Provincial and National levels has earned her much praise for her determined and effective promotion of the program, which is now firmly established throughout the Air Cadet Movement. She is a Director of the BC Committee and has served on the Executive Committee for several years.

Gladys Jarvie started her involvement with the BC Air Cadet Program in 1992 when she enrolled her daughters in the program with 655 Richmond Squadron. She was a consistent, reliable volunteer with the Squadron Sponsoring Committee, carrying out a host of assignments, including participating in the Canada/New Zealand friendship tour, until her daughters aged out.

After seeing the benefits of the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program available to Cadets, she became involved with the BC Air Cadet Effective Speaking Program and served this program in an outstanding manner using her organizational and promotional skills to increase participation throughout the Province. Following five years of providing effective leadership as the Provincial Effective Speaking Coordinator, which received much praise from the National League, she was asked to head the National Effective Speaking Committee as a delegate to National from BC. She became the Chair of the National Effective Speaking Committee and was responsible for the National Competition as well as recommending several improvements in the application procedure and changes in the rules that made the Program more efficient and user friendly to the Cadets and Parents. With her appointment in 2008 as a National Governor she retained her position as Chair of the National Effective Speaking Committee.

Gladys has been a provincial Director of the BC Committee for xx years and heavily involved as a member of the BC Committee Executive Committee for several years. She is currently assisting the BC Honours and Awards Coordinator with the BC Program as well as assisting with the organization of the AGM. She was also involved in organizing and hosting the National AGM held in Richmond BC in 2006.

Gladys Jarvie's outstanding dedication and service to the BC Air Cadet Program and her work at the National Level, which has benefitted many Air Cadets in BC and throughout Canada, is recognized and acknowledged by this award.

Janice Hogan - 2009

Janice Hogan joined the Squadron Sponsoring Committee of 386 Comox Squadron in 1997 as the Secretary, a position she held for five years. In 2002 she became a representative of the BC Provincial Committee and is still serving in that capacity. In 1997 she also accepted the position of Co-Wing Chair for Vancouver Island (North) and is currently working with five Squadrons.

Janice Hogan's exemplary service to the BC Air Cadet Program is recognized and acknowledged by this award.

Karin Macmillan - 2009

The BC Committee is pleased to present a very special award, the President's Award, to Karin Macmillan of the Aerospace Industry Association of British Columbia (AIABC) for her outstanding support to the BC Air Cadet Program.

Since her appointment as the Executive Director of the AIABC in the fall of 2007, Karin MacMillan has been a staunch supporter and key advocate of the Air Cadet program within the AIABC. She was pivotal in successfully gaining the AIABC Board of Directors' approval of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the BCPC and AIABC and its subsequent signing on 8 June 2008.

Throughout the 2008/2009 training year she continued to work closely with the RCSU and the BCPC to promote the Air Cadet Program within the Aerospace Industry and develop a partnership with the BC Aerospace Training Institutes. As a direct result of Karin's efforts we have been able to enhance the Air Cadet Aerospace Training through the development and implementation of a comprehensive cadet tour program that introduces, informs, and orients cadets to the career opportunities available in the aerospace industry and Training Institutes of British Columbia.

(The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) describes how the Air Cadet League of Canada, BCPC and the AIABC will work in partnership with the BC Aerospace Training Institutes to promote and develop comprehensive programs designed to inform, introduce and orient cadets to aerospace industry training and careers. These programs may include, but are not limited to, Career Days, Industry Tours, Introductory Training and Orientation and will showcase both the Aerospace Industry and the Training Institutes)

Ken Higgins - 2009

Mr. Ken Higgins is a consummate volunteer that has demonstrated an extraordinary dedication and commitment to the Air Cadet Movement. In addition, his long record of 36 years of volunteering with the BC Air Cadet Movement has earned him a reputation as an individual who can be counted on to perform his assignments in an extraordinary, effective manner.

Mr. Higgins' involvement with the Air Cadet Movement began in 1972 when he was asked to become a Civilian Instructor teaching the Flying Scholarship syllabus to 692 Squadron, Richmond, BC. He held this position for two years before accepting his commission as an Officer, serving with 692 Squadron until 1980 at which time he became the Squadron Commanding Officer, a position he held until 1984. His strong commitment to Air Cadets can best be exemplified by the use of his privately owned aircraft to provide authorized familiarization flights to Squadron cadets for over 10 years.

In 1985 he was invited to become a member of the BC Provincial Committee and he served in this capacity until 1990 when he was elected as the Chairman of the Committee, serving two terms. He continued to serve the BC Air Cadet Movement as a member of the Advisory Committee until 1997 when he became a Wing representative for 103 Squadron, North Vancouver. A position he held until 2007. He then was assigned and currently serves as a Wing representative to two Squadrons; 637 Burnaby and 513 New Westminster. He also serves as a League Inspector at various lower mainland Squadron Annual Ceremonial Reviews.

In 1987 Mr. Higgins was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award BC and Yukon Division. He served as Lower Mainland Chairman, Divisional Vice President and then as President for BC and Yukon from 2000 to 2002. His promotion of this program to the BC Air Cadet Movement has been particularly successful and he is often called upon to provide advice to lower mainland Air Cadet Squadrons.

Mr. Higgins was awarded the Queen's Golden Jubilee medal in 2002 and is a recipient of the BC Long Service Medal.

Mr. Higgins is full-time, highly respected volunteer and the Air Cadet Movement is fortunate to be one of his chosen "clients". His strong commitment to youth development and long history of hard work on behalf of Air Cadets makes him highly deserving of this award.

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Tuck - 2009

Following his retirement from the Canadian Forces LCol Chris Tuck returned to his Air Cadet roots and started working at Regional Cadet Air Operations (Pacific) as a reserve Officer in Comox, initially as a tow pilot, and subsequently as Gliding Program Coordinator. In early 2005, LCol Tuck was appointed Deputy Regional Cadet Air Operations Officer (Pacific). For the past 4 1⁄2 years, he has overseen the execution of the Air Cadet Flying Program in Pacific Region, delivering superb training to our young Air Cadets, and all the while maintaining an outstanding flight safety record.

LCol Tuck has made invaluable contributions to the Air Cadet Flying program in Pacific Region. He was the team leader and principal author of the BC Long Range Aviation Plan. He has exercised exceptional leadership, supervision, and operational control of the Air Cadet flying Program that is second to none in terms of its efficiency, effectiveness and safety. He has also been instrumental in cultivating and maintaining a strong and vibrant partnership between the Department of National Defence and the BC Provincial Committee.

LCol Tuck was a pivotal player in flying program Strategic Planning initiatives, championing the re-introduction of soaring into the Air Cadet Gliding Program with intermediate performance gliders and the introduction of the Power Pilot Training Award Program. He was the main contributor to the development and implementation of the BC Pilot Retention Initiatives, which included the Glider Pilot Training Award Course, the Spring Break Glider Pilot Camp and the Fall Soaring Camp at Hope.

A forward looking strategic thinker, LCol Tuck has been a pivotal contributor to moving strategic yardsticks for the introduction of new tow aircraft; in particular, he was the principle negotiator for DND's acceptance of the Cessna 182 into the aircraft inventory and their approval of its refurbishment and upgrade program.

LCol Chris Tuck's outstanding dedication and service to the BC Air Cadet Gliding Program is recognized and acknowledged by this award.

Lieutenant Colonel Donald W. Doern - 2009

LCol Doern has served the BC Air Cadet Movement continuously, in several capacities, from 1972 to the present day. His work has been considered exemplary in all respects in both the civilian component as well as his lengthy service in the CIC.

LCol Doern joined the 396 "City of Prince George" Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron as a Civilian Instructor in September 1972 and enrolled in the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC), In April 1973 he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the CIC. LCol Doern worked with the Prince George Squadron as the Training Officer and Administration Officer until February 1982 at which time he was appointed Commanding Officer. He served in this position until September 1986.

In 1986, LCol Doern moved to Kamloops where he joined the 204 "Black Maria" Squadron as their Administration Officer. He later worked as the Squadron's Training Officer and in December 1988 became the Commanding Officer. After completing 4 years as the Commanding Officer at Kamloops, LCol Doern stepped down from the CO's position but remained with the Squadron serving as a senior advisor for them and liaison officer for the Sponsoring Committee.

In September 1993, LCol Doern was appointed to the position of Regional Representative (Pacific) for the National CIC Branch Advisory Council and filled that position until September 1995.

In September 1995, LCol Doern left the Kamloops Squadron and joined the Regional Cadet Support Unit (Pacific) in Victoria as Staff Officer Two (Air). In this role he was responsible for overseeing the operation of all Air Cadet activities in Pacific Region. LCol Doern served as SO2 (Air) until June 2000. While working with the RCSU in Victoria, LCol Doern had the honor of being selected to be one of the original members to sit on the Way Ahead Committee, a National group set up to examine the Canadian Cadet Organization and suggest directions the Organization might consider following in future years. In addition, in 2000 the Air Cadet League of Canada presented him with their Certificate of Honour for his unbridled support and efforts in helping the National representative promote and achieve graduation education credits for BC Students, which was a first in BC event and led to a national expansion in several provinces.

In addition to his duties as SO2 Air, LCol Doern also served as Chief Instructor at the Albert Head Air Cadet Summer Training Centre in Victoria in 1996 and subsequently served 5 years as the Commanding Officer of that Summer Training Centre (1997 to 2001 inclusive).

In 2002, LCol Doern transferred to the Regional Cadet Support Unit (Prairie Region) where he was appointed the Commanding Officer for the Penhold Air Cadet Summer Training Centre located in Penhold, Alberta. LCol Doern served 4 years as the Commanding Officer at Penhold, retiring from that position in 2006. In 2007, LCol Doern was selected as the escort officer for the Air Cadet International Exchange to Singapore.

LCol Doern continues to serve the BC Air Cadet Movement by carrying out a variety of special tasking, including consultation, performing Reviewing Officer duties and by carrying out special requests by BC Squadrons.

LCol Doern's exemplary service to the BC Air Cadet Program is recognized and acknowledged by this award.

Michael Symons - 2009

Mike Symons has served the BC Air Cadet Program since 2002 and has served in several capacities in an exemplary manner. He has used his special talents to complete projects that benefit the BC Air Cadet Program and is considered a highly valued resource person that has shown unusual dedication in promoting the BC Air Cadet Movement.

In 2002 Mike Symons became involved as a volunteer with 89 (Pacific) Squadron. After serving more than three years as Chair of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee he became the Squadron League representative. He was appointed Wing Chair for Vancouver Island in 2007 and has earned an excellent reputation for his skill in working with both the civilian and military components involved in the BC Air Cadet Program.

Mike is committed to the BC Air Cadet Program and works actively and successfully to recruit League Representatives for Vancouver Island Wing. As Wing Chair he has the greatest number of League Representatives of all the BC Wings.

Mike has represented the BC Provincial Committee at Albert Head Parades for Summer Camps and Officer Training Course whenever asked and works tirelessly to promote the BC Air Cadet Program by ensuring a League presence at many cadet related events.

Mike Symons, on his own initiative, produced a BC Air Cadet Poster listing every Squadron in BC showing their Squadron Crest and is currently working with National League to produce a revised version of the Poster. This Poster is now widely used by members actively engaged in the BC Air Cadet Program and is expected to expand its use throughout the National Air Cadet Movement.

Michael Symons' exemplary service is recognized and acknowledged by this award.

Norman Lovitt - 2009

Norm Lovitt has been involved with the Air Cadet Movement for over 45 years. He became a member of the BC Provincial Committee in 2006 following his retirement from the military. He currently serves as the BC Committee Aviation and Aerospace Coordinator. He is a BC delegate to National Meetings and serves on the National Flying Committee. Norm is highly valued for his extensive flying experience and vast knowledge of the BC Gliding Program and the BC Aerospace Aviation Industry.

Norm Lovitt is a very conscientious and versatile person. He has gone above- and-beyond in the time and effort he has devoted to the cadet program. His past military and cadet experience coupled with enthusiasm and ability to translate this experience in his role as Aviation and Aerospace Coordinator has been of extraordinary value to the BC Provincial Committee and the BC Air Cadet Program.

As the BC Committee National Representative Norm Lovitt has been instrumental in representing BC's interests in the National Aviation Program, including serving on the National Flying Committee and serving as a member of the the Joint ACL/DND Strategic Plan working group , which was formed to formulate proposals and introduce new flying program initiatives involving Advanced Gliding Program, Tow aircraft modernization, Power Fam flying program enhancements, Winch Modernization, Glider Fam Program enhancement, Advanced Power Pilot scholarships and Cadet and CIC retention initiatives.

As the BC Committee representative on the National Aerospace Committee, Norm Lovitt has been directly involved in the signing of National Air Cadet League Memoranda of Understanding. He has been instrumental in establishing the lines of communication with both Aerospace Industry Association of BC and BC based Aerospace Training Institutes. Working in collaboration with Pacific Region military staff, he developed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as well as an agreement in principal to work in partnership to develop programs that will inform, introduce and orient cadets to aerospace industry training careers. It will also raise the profile of the BC industry with the military and other stakeholders, and provide a good educational opportunity for cadets who have a demonstrated interest in aerospace as well as maintenance and manufacturing aspects of the BC aerospace industry. He was also instrumental in establishing flight simulator visits/time for cadets on the Air Canada flight simulator at Vancouver airport.

Norm Lovitt's outstanding service to the BC Air Cadet Program is recognized and acknowledged by this award.

Theresa Slater - 2009

Terri Slater has been actively involved with the BC Air Cadet Program since 1996 and served in several capacities at the Squadron and BC Provincial Committee Level. Her outstanding organizational and leadership skills have earned her a reputation for being reliable and highly dedicated to the BC Air Cadet Program.

Terri moved to Air Cadets with her children. She began her volunteer career with the 655 Richmond Squadron Sponsoring Committee in 1996 as a "canteen lady". She eventually moved to the Chairperson position. She became a member of the BC Provincial Committee in 2006 as a League representative. In 2007, she earned her long service medal for ten years of service to the BC Air Cadet League.

Terri is currently League Representative for 111 Pegasus Squadron in Vancouver, new Squadron Liaison. In 2008 she was appointed the Coordinator for the BC Effective Speaking program.

Terri Slater's exemplary service to the BC Air Cadet Program is recognized and acknowledged by this award.

Tina Kirkpatrick - 2009

Tina Kirkpatrick has worked tirelessly to promote the BC Air Cadet Program for over ten years. She served as a Squadron Sponsoring Committee Chair for seven years and with the BC Provincial committee for three years. Her work is highly valued and is considered exemplary in all respects.

Tina Kirkpatrick started her association with the BC Air Cadet Movement in 2000 when she enrolled her son in 583 Squadron and became the Chairperson of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee and served in this capacity until 2007. She was then appointed to the BC Executive Committee as a Director. In 2008 she was appointed as Vice President Corporate Affairs and currently is serving in that position.

As a Director of the BC Committee she is responsible for the Scholarship Review Boards. In addition to her executive duties she serves as the League Representative for 583 Maple Ridge Squadron, 521 Mission Squadron and 861 Abbotsford Squadron.

Tina volunteers with the Pitt Meadows Air show and actively promotes the Air Cadet Program.

Tina Kirkpatrick's exemplary service to the BC Air Cadet Program is recognized and acknowledged by this award.